At Jacobs University, students have the opportunity to work with our international faculty in brand new state-of-the-art research facilities, while earning their BSc, MSc or PhD in chemistry. From the first year on, BSc students can be given positions in the research labs to work on research projects. Because of our ideal 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio, students are able to conduct research projects throughout their time at Jacobs University, and to interact closely with the faculty.

The chemistry faculty members at Jacobs University are working in such exciting areas as bioassays, catalysis, computational chemistry, functional clusters, molecular magnets, nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, sensors, and supramolecular chemistry. Students participating in research endeavors also have an opportunity to publish and present their results at international forums as well as seminars.


The Chemistry BSc program is part of the research and teaching focus HEALTH.

Designing solutions for a healthier world has always been one of the great challenges of science. The goal is to make a healthy life possible for the growing world population as a whole and for each human being. Food, plants, and marine algae can have similarly positive effects on health as medication. Through transdisciplinary cooperation, scientists identify and isolate bioactive substances and research their safe application.

The focus area ‘Health’ thus integrates research from various disciplines at Jacobs University – such as neurobiology, marine science and oceanography, as well as psychology to examine vital issues of health and physical well-being, and offer solutions to global challenges. Jacobs University offers state-of-the-art laboratories and the most recent technological equipment for staff and students.