Chemistry is a central science that connects the physical sciences with the natural and applied sciences. It is at the core of our everyday lives. It plays a key role in finding solutions to many global challenges such as climate change, sustainable energy development, agriculture and food security, provision of clean and safe water and health.

Studying Chemistry at Jacobs University opens a whole new world for you. Here you will learn to appreciate the connection between the macroscopic world that we experience and the microscopic world of atoms and molecules. Through the rigorous undergraduate study program, which provides a comprehensive education, you will also learn the importance of knowledge and its application to different scientific areas.

The highly-ranked Jacobs Chemistry program offers small class sizes and low student-to-professor ratios and it is guaranteed that you will get the attention and support you need to reach your highest potential. As early as your first semester, you can participate in research projects in labs run by distinguished chemists. In many cases, these projects involve exciting collaborations with research groups from other disciplines such as microbiology, electrophysiology and physics and can result in your first scientific publication already as an undergraduate student!



With a Chemistry degree from Jacobs University, you will be ready to figure out solutions to complex global problems. Therefore, your career options are endless! Some students follow the research path and pursue Masters or PhD degrees not only in chemistry, but also in related fields such as biochemistry and material science. The problem-solving, data analysis, creativity and communication skills acquired at Jacobs University allow students to explore a variety of career options, including research and development, patent office, marketing/sales, production plant, industrial consulting, and even politics.

Students at Jacobs University have gained further experience at: Degussa, BASF, University of Oxford, Harvard University, and Stanford University, among others.


Jacobs University Bremen has given me chances I never would have dreamed of before being there. The community as a whole is very inspring and supportive. You have the professors who prepare you well in classes and push you to think independently in research early on, you have fellow students who dream big and show you what can be done, and everybody constantly challenges you to embrace new things. This inspiration and experience has prepared me extremely well for graduate school in Chemistry at Harvard and was the start to a journey that I didn’t even think was possible before enrolling at Jacobs.

– Gina Schaefer, Class of 2010
  (Received her PhD in Chemistry from Harvard University)


Jacobs University’s excellent chemistry program prepared and led me to roads that I never thought I would take. The intensive courses, opportunities for well-guided hands-on research and its high reputation changed my life for the better. After completing my bachelor’s study, I did master’s in Nanomaterial science at Utrecht university in the Netherlands and also worked for two years in a Dutch chemical company called DSM. Currently I am doing PhD at KU Leuven in Belgium. I highly recommend all young students to study chemistry at Jacobs University. It will only take you uphill.

– Thupten Palden (Tibet), Class of 2012
  (PhD student at KU Leuven, Belgium)

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