Jacobs University Bremen has given me chances I never would have dreamed of before being there. The community as a whole is very inspring and supportive. You have the professors who prepare you well in classes and push you to think independently in research early on, you have fellow students who dream big and show you what can be done, and everybody constantly challenges you to embrace new things. This inspiration and experience has prepared me extremely well for graduate school in Chemistry at Harvard and was the start to a journey that I didn’t even think was possible before enrolling at Jacobs.

– Gina Schaefer, Class of 2010
   (Received her PhD in Chemistry from Harvard University)

Studying Chemistry at Jacobs is a truly unique experience. From the first semester on you have the opportunity to participate in real-world academic research next to lab courses and lectures letting you explore the different areas of Chemistry outside of the classroom. This really sparked my interest in an academic career and gave me, together with the international atmosphere, the excellent teaching and the great contact to professors, the perfect set of tools to start out my PhD in the UK.

– Tim Sudmeier (Germany), Class of 2015
   (PhD student at Oxford University, UK)

I felt drawn to the idea of Jacobs University Bremen the moment I heard of it. A few years down the line I consider coming here to be one of my best choices in life. However, it’s not the long nights full of studying or classes that I remember, it’s the people! The diversity that I encountered changed me as a person; it made me grow beyond of what I was expecting. And that growth, combined with inspiration from all the wonderful people I have met, is still fueling my drive for new experiences and discoveries.

– Aukse Braziunaite (Lithuania), Class of 2014
   (Pursuing her MSc. in Chemistry at University of Alberta, Canada)

To me chemistry is the natural science that explains everything in the world. Especially understanding what is happening around you and the close relationship to other natural sciences such as physics and biochemistry here at Jacobs make the connections clear and lead to a broad understanding of living and non-living things.

– Amélie Skopp, Class of 2014

For me, attending Jacobs University was a chance to not only study and research chemistry at a high level, but to also learn in an international and interdisciplinary environment. The multitude of cultures and disciplines all coming together on one campus was an opportunity unique to Jacobs, and I have felt that experience influence and shape my career path since graduating. From the passion of the professors to my welcoming and invigorated peers, my time at Jacobs helped open my eyes to the vast possibilities of the sciences and its global impact. All of this, in turn, helped galvanize an excitement for research and inspired me to continue on to graduate school.

– Alyssa Adcock (USA), Class of 2014
   (PhD student at Georgetown University, USA)

Jacobs University’s excellent chemistry program prepared and led me to roads that I never thought I would take. The intensive courses, opportunities for well-guided hands-on research and its high reputation changed my life for the better. After completing my bachelor’s study, I did master’s in Nanomaterial science at Utrecht university in the Netherlands and also worked for two years in a Dutch chemical company called DSM. Currently I am doing PhD at KU Leuven in Belgium. I highly recommend all young students to study chemistry at Jacobs University. It will only take you uphill.

– Thupten Palden (Tibet), Class of 2012
   (PhD student at KU Leuven, Belgium)

Initially, I chose to study abroad at Jacobs University for the unique opportunity to experience an international environment. However, Jacobs provides far more than just an international experience. At Jacobs you are introduced to the workings and demanding pace of a real research lab almost from the very start of your studies. The superior quality of class instruction is also without question. As a result, I entered grad school better prepared and more comfortable in my surroundings than most of my first year piers. With this background, I am able to actively and confidently join a research group and balance my classes in my first year of grad school. I am convinced the practical, hands-on research experience along with the excellence of the professors at Jacobs have led to my early success as a graduate student.

– Rachelle Smith (USA), Class of 2016
   (PhD student at Oregon State University, USA)

Germany, for me, is the country of Chemistry; and therefore, the great companies and brands that produce pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and chemical equipment, are all German. So, why not study Chemistry where it’s most advanced?

– Elias Halabi (Venezuela)

The reason why I chose Jacobs first-and-foremost, was thanks to the unparalleled financial aid package it offered at the time. On top of that, it had an excellent professor-to-student ratio. What stood out for me from the Chemistry department was the ease with which one could find a research group to be a part of from the get-go. With a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Jacobs, I had a plethora of options to pick from for my master’s studies and I landed in FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg for ‘Advanced Materials and Processes’. Thereafter capitalizing on a master’s thesis in systems biology I found my way to where I am now doing a ‘PhD in Medical Research’ at LMU Munich.

– Fitsumbirhan Mehari (Ethiopia), Class of 2013
   (PhD student at LMU, Munich)

Jacobs University Bremen easily became a true home for me and I still reminisce about the great moments I experienced there and miss the amazing people I shared them with! The most valuable skill I developed in the university was problem solving, majorly facilitated by the early exposure to a research environment. I feel that the practical skills I developed at Jacobs and the opportunities I received to do multiple internships have given me a clear edge over most of my peers that I now compete with in graduate school at ETH Zürich.
I left Jacobs University as a co-author of a paper, published in a high-impact factor journal, and a BSc thesis project which resulted in co-authorship of a manuscript that is currently under review; achievements which very few BSc students around the world can boast with! This was all possible due to the amazing student to professor ratio and the devotion that my mentors expressed in my development as a scientist. I could always turn to my professors for advice, ask them for work, or just engage in thought-stimulating conversations; an experience that is inexpensive and few students (even at graduate level) could obtain! This is why I am always proud to say where my scientific journey began and will always keep Jacobs University in my heart, encouraging everyone to go through this once-in-a-lifetime journey!

– Tony Georgiev (Bulgaria), Class of 2016
   (Currently pursuing an MSc. in Chemistry at ETH Zürich)